Students studying on top of living bomb in South Delhi School

Greater kailash: Deputy Chief minister of Delhi and Education Minister Manish Sisodia on Friday(26th April, 2019) said that he has ordered an FIR against a named private school in South Delhi's GK - 2 *KR MANGALAM SCHOOL* for running an illegal diesel storage-cum-pumping station in the school's basement.
The basement fuel tank has a capacity of 2500 litres.
When asked how he got to know and and what made him to take a decision said "The parents of the school's student came to meet me on the 16th April, 2019 about the fee hike, on which the Delhi government is getting an audit done, after parents reached out to the government and protested against the school."
He further added "The students were studying on the top of a 'living bomb'. The parents of K.R MANGALAM and other schools are in a state of panic regarding the safety of their children."
"Their bigger concern was about the illegal operations that were going on in the school like compromises with the health and security of the children, illegal water boring and much more," said the Deputy CM and education minister of Delhi.
He said the most alarming part was the complaint about illegal diesel storage of 2,500 litre capacity in the school's basement and was found filled in the school premises which serves as an institution for three to four thousand students.
"I had written to the Chief Secretary for an independent investigation raid with the DM, SDM, Fire Department and Delhi Jal  Board in the loop which was conducted on 20th and 22nd April. Today, I held a review meeting with all the officers to understand the possible outcomes of the investigation," he said.
One of the major thing on which everyone is focused on is that the fuel tank was found to be filled with diesel at the time of the raid, as per measurements were done in the raid by the officials.
The school denied the allegations stating that "The quantity of diesel that was stored was within permissible limits.
Secondly, ours is an air conditioned school, there are four generators to maintain power supply else children will suffocate. This is why diesel was stored" said SL Bansal, Director of KP Mangalam Group of Schools.

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