"Former kenyan Olympic 1500 meters champion Asbel Kiprop was found guilty and has been handed a four year ban" said Athletics Integrity Unit(AIU).
Whereas Kiprop is not ready to accept the fact and arguing his urine samples, which he said was taken out of competition, he believes that someone has altered his testers, and said that someone had paid the researcher for it.
ASBEL KIPROP(29-year-old) has won three gold world championship, and found positive in the banned substance Blood booster erythropoietin in November 2017, which is said to increase the performance of the athlete to a next level.
AIU, the independent body which manages all doping-related matters are satisfied with the results and said that no alteration were made by anyone and he is guilty, an IAAF Disciplinary Tribunal on 20th April,2019 suspended him from participating in any event for straight four years.
Before this when the reports were under check he was temporarily suspended by the AIU in May 2018.
Media asked the AIU panel that taking this decision can ruin the athletic career of Kiprop and they said "we are aware of our orders".
But the associates related to the case said that the laboratory results are genuine and all the things are against the athlete.
Asbel can appeal his case to the Court of Arbitration for sport (CAS), as he continues to maintain his innocence.
Kiprop said that "there is no justice in the world, not every prisoner in jail is guilty". "I will consult my lawyer to see if I will appeal at CAS but not matter what the outcome is I'll be back stronger."
He was awarded gold medal in 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing,  the runner up Rashid Ramzi however is positive for doping which means if Kiprop is unable to proof himself innocent Ramzi will be declared the winner.

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