indian army is ready against ceased fire violation by pakistan said PM


1)Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi warns Pakistan on ceasefire violation and said that Indian army is ready to respond if they continues to violate the rules.
2)As the election are near,the promises of the political parties have started.Congress recently promised to build Gaushalas across Madhya Pradesh but BJP took a step forward by announcing to bring 'gau mantralaya'(cow ministry).
3)In Uttarakhand the panchayati Raj has made it compulsory that candidates with more than two children and the ones without a toilet at home should not be allowed to continue and should be debarred.
4)Army's major arrested for allegedly raping his domestic helper in southwest Delhi in July this year it is reported that she continued to work even after the assault.
5)Tsunami and earthquake caused the loss of life and proper in Indonesia,in a recent report the death toll has reached 832 and the government feared that the number is probably higher.
6)In India according to a survey every day 56 pedestrian are killed in road accident and this is the number that had been registered.
7)In India it is very hard for the foreigners to get MBBS license ,many such cases have came in present where graduated can't practice without cracking FOREIGN MEDICAL GRADUATE EXAMINATION.
8)Elon Musk the chairman,CEO,biggest stakeholder of Tesla has been fined with $20M in the settlement of the tweet.
9)Delhi:All the 13 RTO'(regional transport offices) are set up to go online and are ready to become 'e-RTOs' and from now most of the services from license to  transferring a registration certificate will be online.
10)Tennis superstar SERENA WILLIAMS became internet sensation overnight by posting her topless video on instagram,this wasn't done as a publicity stunt but to rise awareness for breast cancer.

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