Elon musk has been fined $20M against a tweet to impress his girlfriend

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1)US:Tesla's CEO and Chairman  Elon musk has been accused by the US Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) for misleading the investors in a tweet which Elon tweeted on August 7 to impress his girlfriend GRIMES in which he said that Tesla will be a private company and joked saying $420 weed to impress his girlfriend. Now SEC wants the government to take action on him to commit such a silly mistake and they believe that Tesla's future is in wrong hands.

2)Muzzaffarnagar: Home minister Rajnath singh hinted that Indian armed forces may have hit Pakistani targets across the border to avenge the brutal killing by Pakistani of BSF JAWAAN Narendra singh ,it is believed that Indian forces have attacked Pakistani targets with heavy artillery.
Singh said "kuchh hua hai,main bataunga nahi .....
Vishwaas rakhna theek thaak hua hai do teen din pehle Aur aage bhi dekhiyega kya hoga". He asked the BSF jawaans not to fire the first bullet ......however ,if firing starts from across the border,then they should hit back hard and shouldn't count the number of bullets fired.
3)Delhi: New rules and regulations have been brought up by the Delhi government on online cab service providers . If you booked a cab through mobile app or website and the driver refused to come at the last moment then they have to pay (Rs 25000). for such violations.
4)Nainital: Uttarakhand high court ordered the state government to frame new rules and regulations in a span of 6 months for the welfare of transgenders for bringing them in mainstream and to uplift them in education too.
5)UP: Some of the batches have been found to be contaminated with polio type 2 virus, which had been eradicated from the world,it's a potential threat to public health,this has the ability to bring back the polio virus in India,the health ministry and and drug regulator have initiated preventive measures to avoid this big problem .

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6)US:50 million fb users security was in trouble ,disclosed facebook's project manager Guy Rosen he disclosed this security flaw and said that they have fixed this vulnerability and have informed the law enforcement.
7)Mumbai:A band of 18 bike-born paramedics have came together to fight for misconceptions and help the needy ones in emergency they carried the necessary and basic equipments like oxygen cylinder,trauma kit,manual ventilator and 30 types of other medicines to tackle the situation .
8)Dehradun: Bhetsem at Narayankoti situated around 45km from Kedarnath has been all set with soundproof schools,as this area falls under the chopper route and which accounts to atleast 60 trips in a day the students couldn't study due to the disturbance ,now government has rebuild the school with sound proof glasses .
9)UP:JEWER AIRPORT which is under construction is expected to launch in November it's contract had been given to the NCR'S second international airport developers YEIDA .The state government is preparing to acquire 3400 acre of land for it.
10)Hotel Taj Mansingh is back with the TATA'S  for the next 33 years in an auction ,NDMC (new Delhi municipal corporation) will now get a revenue of Rs7 crore a month.

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