meeting cancelation shows arrogance said pakistani PM

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1)Pakistan:Imran khan said that India's step of cancelling the meeting between India and Pakistani foreign ministers is a sign of arrogance,khan tweeted "dissapointed at the arrogant and negative response by India to my call for resumption of the peace dialogue.However ,all my life I have come across small men occupying big offices who do not have the vision to see the larger picture",India took the decision post the messages from Pakistan intelligence ISI directing specific message to kill SPO'S in jammu and Kashmir.

2)New Delhi :In a meeting with former French president Fran├žois hollande regarding the Rafael deal with France the ex prez said that the government hadn't selected the Reliance group for the deal ,further he added that he is not sure and only Dassault can comment on it but according to him the government of India as per the make in India project insisted on choosing Reliance as the digital media head .

3)Gurugram:22 year old rapist who had fled from Bhondsi jail,hid inside garbage trash and when the truck reached the dump yard he ran away according to source all this incident was captured in cctv and that too in the day time but no officer was present in the control panel which led to this escape this shows the gap in security of the police .

4)New Delhi: An international drug racket has been caught by the Delhi police from an apartment in khirki extension having drugs worth 25 crore inr and $4200us it was run by a Nigerian Victor osundu,two Afghanistani Estamullah and Khaliullah in past two years they have exported heroin costing 500inr.

5)New Delhi : In a house of guruharikrishan nagar near paschim vihar a 66 year old elderly woman along with her her 43 year old spastic daughter were found dead by their maid according to her when she came for work she saw the back entrance open which is unusual and entered the house to her surprise Nidhi the daughter of Shashi talwar was lying dead in her bed room when the maid saw it she screamed for help and when she reached the kitchen she saw Shashi was lying face down and her body was in a pool of blood.

6)New Delhi: in a case of cat theft from Taj hotel a bench of supreme Court judges was formed,the person whose car was stolen had gone to the Taj hotel in 1998 gave the keys to the staff attended and went for the dinner inside and when he came back he was informed that some anonymous person took away his car ,supreme Court said that a compensation of 1,00,000 inr should be paid by the hotel.

7)Mumbai: A man is acquitted in false marriage promise and creating a women 25 years ago ,the women who is 62 now alleged that the accused ,father of one ,pretended to be single ,promised to marry her ,engaged her in sexual relations took her nudes and forced her to pay a total of 68000 inr to repay his debts .

8)Delhi : according to reports the quality of air in Delhi is good now due to heavy rain from past few days sources said that Delhi is likely to receive heavy rainfall in the next 48 hours.

9)Mumbai : world health organisation (who) said that alcohol consumption kills 2.6lakhs Indians every year by causing liver cirrhosis,cancer etc
10)Kuala Lumpur:Malaysian badminton star Lee chong wei has been diagnosed with nose cancer and is currently in Taiwan for treatment it is said he is responding good to the treatment.

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