model open up about sexual harassment at very young age

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               1)  Model and TV host Padma Lakshmi opens up that she was raped by her boyfriend(23) about 32 years ago when she was 16 .she said she was afraid to tell the incident to anyone because they would say that it's your fault that you dated such older guy or that why you went to his apartment that night.
On US president Trump's tweet that why women don't report for years and then come and blame the person,she tells that we all need to stand against sexual assault and she educates her 8 years old daughter about good and bad touch . 

2)On Wednesday a bench of 5 judge of the supreme Court ruled the 'creamy layer exclusion' principle,the order of Chief Justice Dipak misra and Justice's Kurian Joseph,R.f. nariman,Sanjay kishan kaul and Indu malhotra said to exclude the 'creamy layer'from SC/ST reservation.

3).New Delhi : Some imported items to be costlier as the government raised import duty on 19 items including air conditioner,refrigerator,small washing machine, speaker,  footwear, radial car tyres, several jems, jewellery and other household items.Now even air travel may get a bit expensive as the government has increase import duty on aviation fuel to 5%.

4)India vs Bangladesh in Asia cup final as Bangladesh defeated Pakistan by 37 runs to enter the finale .

5)Jammu and Kashmir: Terrorist camps active again even after surgical strike approx 250 terrorists are waiting to infiltrate in India from 27 launch pads in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

6)New Delhi : Aadhaar card remains to be valid ,but it's usage is surely to be reduced and will no longer b mandatory for opening bank accounts,buying mobile phones ,sim card ,school admissions etc due to the privacy misuse it can cause ,the Supreme Court held its validity for beneficial legalisation.

7)Safdarjung,New Delhi : A 21 year old IAS aspirant was arrested for allegedly murdering a security guard,Benzi(murderer) told police that he was into an argument with an Auto rickshaw driver but by mistake stabbed a 65 year old guard after mistaking him as his target .

8)New Delhi : Once again the menace of illegal construction took 7 lives on Wednesday morning when 4 storey building collapsed with 12 people inside it among the victims 1 men ,4children ,2 women were there.

9)New Delhi:Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia inaugurated Netaji Subhash University of technology(NSUT) in Dwarka and it began as a university and their main focus is on creating job makers.

10)India is ready to sign in the $5.43 billion(Rs 39000 crore) deal for the purchase of 5 advance S-400 Triumf missile system from Russia,ignoring the financial threat that the US government has given after  imposing sanctions on China for buying the same defence system from Russia under the new law CAASTA(Countering America's adversaries through sanction act).

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