Thursday, 4 October 2018

face lock to be used as biometric for flights

1) Very soon face lock will be use for travelling in domestic flights as biometric, this is done to initiates paperless entry. The process will be carried out in PPP(public private partnership) airports i.e delhi, Mumbai, hederabad and Bengaluru and 4 run by airports in AAI(airport authority of india).

2)     Delhi’s government only multi-speciality hospital hasen’t done any MRI in the last 2 years i.e 2016 due to lack of functional MRI machine & has been transferring emergency patient to LNJP hospital.

3)     An Islamic charity has been suspended and fined by Canada for sending $1,36,000 to Pakistan based Kashmir organization which is linked with hizbul mujahiddeen.

4)     Government of india has hiked up the MSP(minimum support price) of all rabi crops which will ensure a minimum of 50% return to farmers.

5)     The farmer protest at NH24 has come to an end, sources says that a team was send to the Radisson blu hotel where farmers leader was present.

6)     The women and child development ministry is working to finalise a proposal against child abuse victims and things will become more easier for the victims as these new laws will help them a lot and reporing is done easily.

7)     In a raid in shakarpur delhi 27 trafficked kids were rescued out of which 2 were infants. According to reports these students were trafficked from assam, Jharkhand, west Bengal and odisha.

8)     Purana quila is now opened for public and now it has a lake too. It was inaugurated by union culture minister Mahesh sharma. However, boating is removed for now.

9)     The newly sworn – chief justice of india Justice Ranjan gogoi took oath in the presence of the president of india and said that hearing will be done in cases of hanging or eviction.

10)  Rohingya muslims first batch(7) is ready to deport to Myanmar from where they came into thousands have fled due to the mass killing. These refuges has become the burden for india and home minisrtry talked to UN high commission for refugees and this is the first case where these refugees are sent back to their home country.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

indian origin economist became chief economist of IMF

 1)Indian origin lady economist Gita gopinath has been appointed as the chief economist of international monetary fund,a prestigious post that had been held by only two Indians including former RBI(reserve bank of India) governor Raghuram rajan and Kaushik bash.
2)American president called India 'tariff king' after the prices of many US based products have been increased, recently Hadley Davidson motorcycle tariff have been spiked up.
3)Nirav modi's foreign assets,properties,jewellery associated with him worth Rs635 crore across the world has been seized by the government which includes 3 flats in New York's central park and one in London,jewellery worth Rs23 crore .
4)A total of 21 Gir forest tigers were found dead,in which the reason is the same of virus which killed 1000 lions in serengeti.
 5)Bollywood actor Nana patekar sends legal notice to Tanushree dutta over sexual harassment claim.
6)HDFC,largest housing finance company of India has increased home loan rates by 10 basis points immediately.
7)Indian para athletes were shamed in Jakarta when they got to know that the Asian games organisers denied Indian athletes to enter the rooms of games village ,because India hasn't deposited the fees to the organisers,later on they were allowed as India paid a sum of $50000 hours later.
8)Prime Minister Modi said that we have a chance to build India of bapu's(Mahatma Gandhi) dream,he said that Gandhi ji will be proud of us that in our actions we are helping fellow Indians.
9)Pakistani government cuts the Chinese 'silk road' rail project by $2bn for the reason being the concern about the financial debt which Pakistan has over the past years ,their railway minister said that the project has been reduced from $8.2bn to $6.2bn and he further wish to reduce the amount by further $2bn.
10)A tuition teacher was shot dead in Delhi's Jahangirpuri area where Ankit Kumar(deceased) was shot twice outside his coaching centre that too in front of two of his students ,his parents accused that this happened because of their son's affair with a girl of Muslim community and that her brother and relatives murdered him ,police is investigating the case.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

indian army is ready against ceased fire violation by pakistan said PM


1)Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi warns Pakistan on ceasefire violation and said that Indian army is ready to respond if they continues to violate the rules.
2)As the election are near,the promises of the political parties have started.Congress recently promised to build Gaushalas across Madhya Pradesh but BJP took a step forward by announcing to bring 'gau mantralaya'(cow ministry).
3)In Uttarakhand the panchayati Raj has made it compulsory that candidates with more than two children and the ones without a toilet at home should not be allowed to continue and should be debarred.
4)Army's major arrested for allegedly raping his domestic helper in southwest Delhi in July this year it is reported that she continued to work even after the assault.
5)Tsunami and earthquake caused the loss of life and proper in Indonesia,in a recent report the death toll has reached 832 and the government feared that the number is probably higher.
6)In India according to a survey every day 56 pedestrian are killed in road accident and this is the number that had been registered.
7)In India it is very hard for the foreigners to get MBBS license ,many such cases have came in present where graduated can't practice without cracking FOREIGN MEDICAL GRADUATE EXAMINATION.
8)Elon Musk the chairman,CEO,biggest stakeholder of Tesla has been fined with $20M in the settlement of the tweet.
9)Delhi:All the 13 RTO'(regional transport offices) are set up to go online and are ready to become 'e-RTOs' and from now most of the services from license to  transferring a registration certificate will be online.
10)Tennis superstar SERENA WILLIAMS became internet sensation overnight by posting her topless video on instagram,this wasn't done as a publicity stunt but to rise awareness for breast cancer.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Elon musk has been fined $20M against a tweet to impress his girlfriend

1)US:Tesla's CEO and Chairman  Elon musk has been accused by the US Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) for misleading the investors in a tweet which Elon tweeted on August 7 to impress his girlfriend GRIMES in which he said that Tesla will be a private company and joked saying $420 weed to impress his girlfriend. Now SEC wants the government to take action on him to commit such a silly mistake and they believe that Tesla's future is in wrong hands.

2)Muzzaffarnagar: Home minister Rajnath singh hinted that Indian armed forces may have hit Pakistani targets across the border to avenge the brutal killing by Pakistani of BSF JAWAAN Narendra singh ,it is believed that Indian forces have attacked Pakistani targets with heavy artillery.
Singh said "kuchh hua hai,main bataunga nahi .....
Vishwaas rakhna theek thaak hua hai do teen din pehle Aur aage bhi dekhiyega kya hoga". He asked the BSF jawaans not to fire the first bullet ......however ,if firing starts from across the border,then they should hit back hard and shouldn't count the number of bullets fired.
3)Delhi: New rules and regulations have been brought up by the Delhi government on online cab service providers . If you booked a cab through mobile app or website and the driver refused to come at the last moment then they have to pay (Rs 25000). for such violations.
4)Nainital: Uttarakhand high court ordered the state government to frame new rules and regulations in a span of 6 months for the welfare of transgenders for bringing them in mainstream and to uplift them in education too.
5)UP: Some of the batches have been found to be contaminated with polio type 2 virus, which had been eradicated from the world,it's a potential threat to public health,this has the ability to bring back the polio virus in India,the health ministry and and drug regulator have initiated preventive measures to avoid this big problem .

21:01 (0 minutes ago)
6)US:50 million fb users security was in trouble ,disclosed facebook's project manager Guy Rosen he disclosed this security flaw and said that they have fixed this vulnerability and have informed the law enforcement.
7)Mumbai:A band of 18 bike-born paramedics have came together to fight for misconceptions and help the needy ones in emergency they carried the necessary and basic equipments like oxygen cylinder,trauma kit,manual ventilator and 30 types of other medicines to tackle the situation .
8)Dehradun: Bhetsem at Narayankoti situated around 45km from Kedarnath has been all set with soundproof schools,as this area falls under the chopper route and which accounts to atleast 60 trips in a day the students couldn't study due to the disturbance ,now government has rebuild the school with sound proof glasses .
9)UP:JEWER AIRPORT which is under construction is expected to launch in November it's contract had been given to the NCR'S second international airport developers YEIDA .The state government is preparing to acquire 3400 acre of land for it.
10)Hotel Taj Mansingh is back with the TATA'S  for the next 33 years in an auction ,NDMC (new Delhi municipal corporation) will now get a revenue of Rs7 crore a month.

Friday, 28 September 2018

model open up about sexual harassment at very young age

               1).On #whyIdidn'tReport Model and TV host Padma Lakshmi opens up that she was raped by her boyfriend(23) about 32 years ago when she was 16 .she said she was afraid to tell the incident to anyone because they would say that it's your fault that you dated such older guy or that why you went to his apartment that night.
On US president Trump's tweet that why women don't report for years and then come and blame the person,she tells that we all need to stand against sexual assault and she educates her 8 years old daughter about good and bad touch . 

2)On Wednesday a bench of 5 judge of the supreme Court ruled the 'creamy layer exclusion' principle,the order of Chief Justice Dipak misra and Justice's Kurian Joseph,R.f. nariman,Sanjay kishan kaul and Indu malhotra said to exclude the 'creamy layer'from SC/ST reservation.

3).New Delhi : Some imported items to be costlier as the government raised import duty on 19 items including air conditioner,refrigerator,small washing machine, speaker,  footwear, radial car tyres, several jems, jewellery and other household items.Now even air travel may get a bit expensive as the government has increase import duty on aviation fuel to 5%.

4)India vs Bangladesh in Asia cup final as Bangladesh defeated Pakistan by 37 runs to enter the finale .

5)Jammu and Kashmir: Terrorist camps active again even after surgical strike approx 250 terrorists are waiting to infiltrate in India from 27 launch pads in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

6)New Delhi : Aadhaar card remains to be valid ,but it's usage is surely to be reduced and will no longer b mandatory for opening bank accounts,buying mobile phones ,sim card ,school admissions etc due to the privacy misuse it can cause ,the Supreme Court held its validity for beneficial legalisation.

7)Safdarjung,New Delhi : A 21 year old IAS aspirant was arrested for allegedly murdering a security guard,Benzi(murderer) told police that he was into an argument with an Auto rickshaw driver but by mistake stabbed a 65 year old guard after mistaking him as his target .

8)New Delhi : Once again the menace of illegal construction took 7 lives on Wednesday morning when 4 storey building collapsed with 12 people inside it among the victims 1 men ,4children ,2 women were there.

9)New Delhi:Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia inaugurated Netaji Subhash University of technology(NSUT) in Dwarka and it began as a university and their main focus is on creating job makers.

10)India is ready to sign in the $5.43 billion(Rs 39000 crore) deal for the purchase of 5 advance S-400 Triumf missile system from Russia,ignoring the financial threat that the US government has given after  imposing sanctions on China for buying the same defence system from Russia under the new law CAASTA(Countering America's adversaries through sanction act).