Friday, 16 November 2018

Delhi police arrested serial robber by striking a deal with his wife

From the past 3 months the Delhi police has been in the search of this exclusive robber who had been involved in more than 35 cases of snatching and robbery in many localities in east and northeast Delhi,in all the crimes he committed he made sure that his face is uncovered and unseen and in all the CCTV footage he had obscured his face behind a motorcycle helmet,but recently in such one case the cops can see a tattoo on the criminal's arm and this is the only clue which they have.Fahimuddin(suspect Robber) had became a headache for the police,after enquiring CCTV footage and getting the only evidence which was a tattoo police spreaded this information in the local police informers and other booths too. The DCP(northeast Delhi)said that a team led by ASI Vijender and Head constable Anil handled the case they worked hard day and night and finally got to know about the robber and his wife,local informers directed the cops to Fahimuddin's wife from where the cops got to know that the robber and his wife were looking for the purchase of a new flat
 After this the police took the advantage of the given information and laid a plan where they anticipated to be the property dealer and induced the robber and his wife to come and see a flat in VAISHALI,when police got to know that even Fahimuddin is interested to see that flat then they made a plan to arrest him on the spot.
The Cops used this opportunity wisely and a team was waiting for Fahimuddin to come to the spot where they grappled him.After the interrogation with Fahimuddin police revealed that he was involved in more than 35 cases of snatching and robbery including one in Karawal nagar in which he relieved a business man for Rs 1.5 lakh along with some golden ornaments.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

If you love other countries then don't live in india, said Virat Kolhi

The Nation Celebrated Diwali on wednesday, Virat Kolhi who is known as the world's best batsman in the whole world has put himself in a new controversy on the social media. the video shows that Virat Kolhi is responding to a negative comment on his batting by saying a quote that "if you like other countries ,then you should not live in india. why are you living in our country and loving other countries. he further says the i dont mind you not liking me but i don't you should live in our country and liking other countries.he recorded the video during the promotions of his newely launched app named virat kolhi official app, in new delhi on his 30th birthday on monday. he is a famous sportsperson of the indian cricket after the retirement of Sachin Tendulkar in 2013. it's totally a lack of understanding and immaturity on his part and its not the first time he has shown this. in 2016 when india was going through demonitization ,kolhi said a statement which shows his immaturity of understanding the political climate of the country. he said 'i was going to pay my hotel bills in rajkot and i was talking about the old currency but i forget that it is of no use anymore , so i thought of signing it and give to people because they are useless now.' 
he is an outstanding cricketer and a captain as well so he should be open enough to listen to other people also.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath renames Faizabad as Ayodhya

After renaming allahabad as Prayag Raj UP chief minister yogi adityanath on tuesday rechristened Faizabad as Ayodhya ,in a move to give the ruling BJP to give its hindutva agenda a further push ahead of lok sabha elections due to next year.Yogi announced that the airport in ayodhya would be named after Lord Ram and a medical college in the name of his father,King Dashrat. till now ayodhya has been a town in faizabad district then yogi government has upgraded faizabad municipal board into a municipal corporation. the announcement comes days after Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) demanded that faizabad be named sri-ayodhya.yogi said that no injustice can be done to ayodhya on the eve of diwali. Yogi said that his government would was committed to the development of ayodhya through initiating various development projects.VHP member Sharan Sharma said that the state government should rename cities which stink of slavery. Ayodhya is also known because of Maryada Purushottam Sri Ram . on tuesday when the diwali celebrations is going on yogi said that he has more plans for the city especially for saryu river. he said under Nirmana Gange money has been sanctioned to ensure that drains in faizabad and ayodhya will not fall into saryu. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted "it is a matter of immense joy and pride that Mrs. KIM Jung-sook, first lady of the korea visited Ayodhya and also wore traditional indian clothing." 

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

World's tallest statue to be unveiled by Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

The STATUE OF UNITY built by the central government in order to give tribute to the Iron Man of India SARDAR VALLABHBHAI PATEL,stands high in the Sadhu bet,3.5 km downstream from Sarovar dam on the bed of Narmada river is 182 meters tall and is claimed to be the tallest statue in the world followed by Spring temple Buddha-153m(China), Statue of liberty-93m(US),The Mother Land calls-85m(Russia) and Christ the Redeemer-40m(Brazil) the statue had been divided into 5 zones n which 
 Has three levels,including exhibit floor,mezzanine floor and a roof,this zone will consist of a memorial garden and a large museum for the general public
This zone has been extended to the upper thigh of the statue and it's specifications aren't made clear yet.
It is extended to the viewing gallery,and has the capacity to hold 200 visitors at once,this zone also gives a view of Sardar Sarovar Dam and its surroundings too.
It starts from the upper abdominal area of the statue and ends at the shoulder level.In this zone all the maintenance will be taken place and some of the major decisions about visitors will take place.
Includes the head and the shoulder region of the statue and this zone will not remain open for the general public.

1)Designer of the project is veteran sculptor Ram Sutar,along with his son he prepare 3 clay models in his workshop located in Noida.His statues of Mahatma Gandhi had been installed in Russia,England,France and Italy.
2)This statue can handle the wind speed of upto 180kmph.
3)It can withstand earthquakes of 6.5 Richter scale at a depth of 10 km and a radius of 12 km.
4)The statue's pedestial(base) is above the level of highest flood level recorded over a period of 100 years around the dam.

1)The statue of Unity is 100 times the height of a person who is 6 feet tall.
2)The walking pose with sleeper in feet makes this statue one of a kind and it goes against all the norms,there's a gap of 6.4m between two feet and is designed to stand against strong winds.
3)250 tonnes of iron base is used to give stability to the statue.
4)3 years 9 months of construction time along with 250 engineers, 3400 labourers, 3550 tonnes of bronze,212000m cube of concrete.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Government took very strict actions to stop pollution in Delhi

As usual every year in the month of November and December the pollution level of the city rises therefore this time the government took very strict actions to battle pollution and has anticipated the bad air quality in early November,and from the next month these will be put in action following are the measures to be taken between November 1 & 10

1)Each and every large scale construction activities to be stopped immediately.
2)The industries which are using coal and biomass as fuel,except thermal and waste to energy plants,are asked to stop their operations (November 4-10).
3)Patrolling has been intensified,specially in night to identify the 'hot spots' i.e. where these are mainly taken place.
4)Industrial emissions and burnt waste are to be checked so that intoxicants aren't disposed untreated.
5)Good power supply in NCR towns is assured to avoid usage of diesel generators.
6)An appeal is made to reduce the use of private vehicle and rely more on public transport.
7)Violator of the ruled laid by the government will be filed with criminal prosecution be it government agency or private 
8)Proceeding will be launched under the Environment(protection) Act,1986.
9)Anyone found guilty under inspection will be jailed up to 7 years or fine up-to ₹100000 or both .
10)All these provisions and policies were present since 1986,but are rarely used against any government agency.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Tv personalities opening up in #metoo india

Many TV personalities have opened up about the harassment they have experienced through the #metoo movement wherein people are telling their bad experience,this movement was started in Hollywood against sexual assault and sexual harassment,recently Indian Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta accused veteran actor and Padma shri Nana patekar of sexually assaulting him in the sets back in 2008.Now this movement took a Big pace after TV celebrities like Vinta nanda,Deepika amin,Sameksha and Rahul Raj singh.Now Sonal Vengurlekar has come forward to share her ordeal,Sonal had been  part of many famous shows like _Yeh Vaada raha,Shastri Sisters,The buddy project_ and _Dil dosti dance_
She revealed that-
"I was sexually harassed by RAJA BAJAJ when I was only 18 said SONAL VENGURLEKAR"
 In an interview with TOI she said "This was when I had started giving auditions and chanced upon an opportunity on a casting website.I called on a number mentioned on the site and was told by the person to come for an audition in Borivali.The man happened to be TV actress Sheena Bajaj's father;Raja Bajaj .He started the conversation by boasting about his daughter and that she earned around ₹55000 a day.Raj promised Sonal to give her lead roles in many shows.He said to Sonal that she has a good face but need to improve her understanding about this profession and suggested her to assist him for a shoot which started within a week to which Sonal agreed.A few days later,she got a called from Raj saying that they are going for a shoot in Lonavala and told her to inform the family that it will be all day long shoot and she have to stay there.
 Raja then picked her up from Powai in his car and a model was also there,Sonal was told that they will be doing photoshoot with that model ,when they arrived the Resort there was another model with her mother.After some time Raja bajaj told Sonal to try out a couple of outfits,she wondered that shoot was with another model so why she is asked now to try for dresses.She didn't paid much attention to it and headed toward her room to try what she was told for,later on she realised that Raja was following her.He had a bottle of cream in his hands and urged Sonal to gently apply it on her Breasts before wearing those dresses saying that it will give them a proper shape when she denied,to her surprise Raja came forward and applied the cream on her b**bs forcibly.After this Sonal got scared and ran away and she told Raja that she don't want to try any dresses and said that she'll learn from observing the job.What was even worse for her is that no one from her family was with her at that moment,Raja informed other models to leave and told Sonal and the other model with her mom to stay as her shoot will take place at night.hearing all this Sonal went back to her room from where she can clearly see Raja drinking with resort owner,After sometime Raja went to Sonal's room and said " _Aapko main tantrik vidya sikhaunga,jisse aap raaton raat superstar ban jaaogi_ "you will have to remove your clothes and have to sit naked in front of me and repeat  the mantras I chant.She somehow managed to ran away from the situation and went to the model and her mother room which was adjoining to get room,Raja was peeping through the window and was scared of being exposed.Later on Sonal informed his family friend about this incident and he advised her to confront him,when she called his wife attended the phone and apologies to Sonal and asked her to meet them personally where bajaj couple prayed to her not to disclose the case and offered to give her lead role.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Due to the revised norms by US immigration H-1B visa's gets tougher.

Indians might find it difficult in near future to work in the US for their dream job as America has defined new laws and regulations and recently the US citizenship and immigration services have been rejecting several H-1B visa. The H-1B visa is an employment based, non-immigrant visa for temporary workers. For this visa , an employer must offer a job in the US and apply for your H-1B visa petition with the US immigration department, the anticipated date for the revised policy will be somewhere around august 2019. Sources said that there steps are taken to make sure that H-1B visa’s are to be given to individuals who will be working in a job which meets the statutory requirements of ‘speciality occupation.’ With these new rules Indian citizens will be most affected as last year around 3.65 lakh H-1B visa applications were approved out of which 70% of the approved visa’s were of indians. Reports says that many people aren’t even qualifying the definition of special occupation but are still applying for the same they either works in H-1B status or in a similar job, they are even denying the MBA aspirant saying that it’s not a special occupation, as it is not a degree In a specific subject.